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Main Source

cited at 27 senses as a primary artist, including:

1991-07-23 Main Source "Just A Friendly Game of Baseball" [Breaking Atoms]
I know a cop that's savage, his pockets stay green like cabbage
1991-07-23 Main Source "Lookin At The Front Door" [Breaking Atoms]
They speak proper while my speech is from a garbage can
1992-01 Main Source "How My Man Went Down In The Game" [How My Man Went Down In The Game]
You wound up getting shitted on, hops
1994-03-22 Main Source "Down Low" [Fuck What You Think]
That's how it is, hops, when my tape's in a box
1992-05-19 Main Source "Fakin' The Funk" feat. Neek The Exotic [Fakin' The Funk]
So in the year of 1992 this is how we do!
1991-07-23 Main Source "Live At The Barbeque" feat. Akinyele, Fatal, Nas [Breaking Atoms]
Science is dropped, my raps are toxic
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origin: New York City, New York, USA