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2003-03-18 Magic "Ball Like Us" feat. Ezell Swang, Suga Bear [White Eyes]
Check it, I like dubs, but we love dub deuces
2003-03-18 Magic "Smoke On" [White Eyes]
Fuck a dime bag, give me four ounces
2003-03-18 Magic "Smoke On" [White Eyes]
Fuck a dime bag, give me fo' o-z's
1998-09-15 Magic "Depend On Me" feat. C-Murder [Sky's The Limit]
We posse up and jump your ass like a clucker
1999-08-31 Magic "Puff Puff" [Thuggin]
Smelling like a pound of indonesia, that other shit will tease ya
1999-08-31 Magic "Club Thang" feat. C-Murder, QB [Thuggin]
Smoking on weed and sipping on thug passion
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1999-04-27 Mo B. Dick "Part 3" feat. C-Murder, Magic, Mia X [Gangsta Harmony]
Now get pumped and get crunked, while we get ya drunk
1999-08-03 Lil' Italy "We Riderz" feat. Don P, Magic [On Top of Da World]
Boy, look at these phony-ass niggaz, boy, you see 'em, L.I., brah
1999-10-26 Master P "Ice On My Wrist (Remix)" feat. Magic [Only God Can Judge Me]
Ghetto fabulous, I mean we ballin'
2005-09-20 David Banner "Ain't Got Nothing" feat. Lil Boosie, Magic [Certified]
If you don't like it, knuckle up and take it to the yard
1999 Master P "Foolish" feat. Magic, Mo B. Dick [Foolish The Soundtrack]
Ran with the boys who were serving clucks
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1998-09-15 Magic "Mobb 4 Ever" feat. C-Murder, Fiend, Gotti, KLC, Melchior, Prime Suspects, Tru Survivors [Sky's The Limit]
Say, Magic, bruh, we got the click in here