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1999 Mac "Cops & Robbers" [World War III]
I pack a tre deuce, got a army bout the size of Babe Ruth
1999 Mac "Best Friends" [World War III]
Muthafuckas ain't even from our hood and now you snortin' furl with em
1998 Mac "Tank Dawgz" feat. C-Murder, Fiend [Shell Shocked]
From the 504, we be some tank dog niggas
1998 Mac "Empire" [Shell Shocked]
My Rolly was dipped in ice, my G-ride was paid out
1999 Mac "War Party" feat. D.I.G., Magic [World War III]
Nigga, I'm a soldier, camoflauge nigga from the 'Nolia
2005-03-22 C-Murder "Camouflage & Murder" feat. Curren$y, Mac [The Truest Shit I Ever Said]
1998-10-06 Prime Suspects "Last Dayz" feat. Mac, Mr. Serv-On [Guilty Til Proven Innocent]
Never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death
1998-06-02 Master P "Welcome To My City" feat. Mac, O'Dell [MP Da Last Don]
Welcome to the 504, nigga, the dirty south
1998-10-27 Mia X "Bring It On" feat. C-Murder, Fiend, Mac, Mystikal, Skull Duggery [Mama Drama]
Every hood them thuggish soldeirs taking over, I told ya
2001-02-27 Silkk the Shocker "He Did That" feat. Mac, Master P [My World, My Way]
Presidential wit them baguettes
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1999-08-31 Magic "Wobble, Wobble" feat. C-Murder, Mac [Thuggin]
Say, C an' Mac, bruh, I think them hoes gon' love this shit, dog, forreal