cited at 12 senses as a primary artist, including:

2005-10-18 Longshot "Bang Wit Me" [Civil War, Pt. 2]
Pull from my nickel bag and liquor flask
2005-10-18 Longshot "Tick'd" feat. Rusty Chainsaw [Civil War, Pt. 2]
I cain't fuck with fat chicks who rock skullies and Timbs
2005-10-18 Longshot "Space" feat. Modill [Civil War, Pt. 2]
Be on Alpha Centauri, and that's fo' sheezy
2005-10-18 Longshot "Who U Be" [Civil War, Pt. 2]
I got a fetish for that fetti, fin' to dump out rounds
2005-10-18 Longshot "Roll It Up" [Civil War, Pt. 2]
I'm just gon' go and blow some herb
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origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA