Lon Dini
Lon Dini
2007-11 Fes Taylor "Booty" feat. L.I.S., Lon Dini, Pa Bazil [Needles, Thread & Fabric]
Girl, you got a hot body and on top of all that you got a fatty
2004 Fes Taylor "Jelly In Ya Pants" feat. L.I.S., Lon Dini [Warning: We Are At War]
Had on the Brett Favre #4 jersey, holla at ya boy, y'all heard me
2006 Fes Taylor "For The Bitches" feat. Lon Dini [What I Got 2 Lose?]
I stunt hard for the bitches, for the bitches
2007-11 Fes Taylor "New York" feat. Lon Dini, Pa Bazil [Needles, Thread & Fabric]
Two of the kicks sounding like the tank let off
2007-11 Fes Taylor "Dreaming" feat. Lon Dini, R. Kelly [Needles, Thread & Fabric]
Hand me a brick, grams you get, I see you while you handling nicks
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