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2019-05-10 Logic "Cocaine" [Confessions of a Dangerous Mind]
I ain't never fuckin' with no sneak diss
2015-11-13 Logic "Young Jesus" feat. Big Lenbo [The Incredible True Story]
A whole lot of beef, no bread, no lettuce
2015-11-13 Logic "City of Stars" [The Incredible True Story]
Now let me let off, yeah
2016-07-01 Logic "Deeper Than Money" [Bobby Tarantino]
I just, I just want to rhyme
2015-11-13 Logic "The Incredible True Story" [The Incredible True Story]
Well, let me keep it one hunna with you
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2015-06-02 Lil Durk "Tryna' Tryna'" feat. Logic [Remember My Name]
She geekin', she tweakin', we turnt up, we got it, we all in the pot
2003 Mathematics "Gangsta" feat. Eyeslow, Logic, Mad Man, Nemy [Love, Hell Or Right (Da Come Up)]
In the telly with your girl