Little Brother
Little Brother

cited at 65 senses as a primary artist, including:

2008-07-01 Little Brother "Too Late For Us" feat. Tiye Phoenix [And Justus For All]
No need to ice grill me, baby, keep your chilly vibe
2006-07-31 Little Brother "Let It Go" feat. Mos Def [Separate But Equal]
Warm soul on glow, not a neck on froze
2006-07-31 Little Brother "Home" feat. Joe Scudda [Separate But Equal]
People still packin, cups flow with 'gnac
2005-09-13 Little Brother "We Got Now" feat. Chaundon [The Minstrel Show]
In the sands on the beach mixin drinks wit Belvy
2006-07-31 Little Brother "Right Here" feat. Median [Separate But Equal]
Hot nigga like I'm walkin' down Slauson
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2008-03-25 eMC "Traffic" feat. Little Brother [The Show]
Music loud, no beef with one time
2005-10-25 Supastition "Soul Control" feat. Little Brother [Chain Letters]
I done served more herbs than Emeril Lagasse
2008-03-25 eMC "Traffic" feat. Little Brother [The Show]
Old folks reminisce, hustlers on cellys
2006 Strange Fruit Project "Rise" feat. Little Brother [The Healing]
Y'all niggas need to dead it, it's on
2008-03-25 eMC "Traffic" feat. Little Brother [The Show]
Bout to cop some kicks, it's flight club
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origin: Durham, North Carolina, USA