Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne
member of: Hot Boy$

cited at 262 senses as a primary artist, including:

1999-11-02 Lil Wayne "Tha Block Is Hot" feat. B.G., Juvenile [Tha Block Is Hot]
Hood full of real niggaz, twenty-four seven hustlers
2011-07-13 Lil Wayne "Gangsta Party" feat. Lil B [Sorry 4 The Wait]
2008-06-10 Lil Wayne "Shoot Me Down" [Tha Carter III]
D-boys is the only alphabet boys I know
2012-09-03 Lil Wayne "Amen" feat. Boo [Dedication 4]
Tell them alphabet boys it's a G thing
2011-08-29 Lil Wayne "6 Foot 7 Foot" feat. Cory Gunz [Tha Carter IV]
Tuck these, I fuck these on your mind, pause
2012-09-03 Lil Wayne "Wish You Would" feat. Nicki Minaj [Dedication 4]
Fuck them hoes, nigga, pause
2011-07-13 Lil Wayne "Gangsta Party" feat. Lil B [Sorry 4 The Wait]
He-haha, fuck with me, slime
2012-09-03 Lil Wayne "Same Damn Tune" [Dedication 4]
That's a 69, then pass it to my slime
2012-09-03 Lil Wayne "My Homies Remix" feat. Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Young Jeezy [Dedication 4]
Tony Hawk got grind, holla at my slimes
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2008-02-26 Shawty Lo "Dey Know (Remix)" feat. Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Plies, Young Jeezy [Dey Know]
Thirty bands, fo shizzo
2009-09-15 Drake "Ignant Shit" feat. Lil Wayne [So Far Gone]
2012-12-11 The Game "All That (Lady)" feat. Big Sean, Fabolous, Jeremih, Lil Wayne [Jesus Piece]
My ladybug, yeah, she cool like that in them Trues
2008-05-19 Mike Jones "Cuddy Buddy" feat. Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Twista [Cuddy Buddy]
Call her my cuddy buddy, even thou she got a man
2006-11-07 Jim Jones "Weatherman" feat. Lil Wayne, Stack Bundles [Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment)]
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27 shout-outs in these lyrics

1999-04-20 B.G. "Bling Bling (Radio Remix)" feat. Big Tymers, Hot Boy$ [Chopper City In The Ghetto]
It's Wayne, baby, thugged out, won't change, baby
1999-08-24 Wet Boys "Wettin 'Em Up" [Get Wet]
Smaller than Lil Wayne head and tote some big steel
1999-11-02 Lil Wayne "Up To Me" [Tha Block Is Hot]
I swear it's off the heezy, Weezy
2000-09-12 Big Tymers "Project Bitch" feat. Juvenile, Lil Wayne [Baller Blockin' Soundtrack]
2001-06-05 Turk "All Night" feat. Lil Wayne [Young & Thuggin]
2002-07-23 Lil Wayne "Fo Sheezy" [500 Degreez]
They call me Weezy Weezy fo sheezy
2004-06-29 Lil Wayne "Who Wanna" [Tha Carter]
Weezy baby a gangsta, no wanksta
2004-06-29 Lil Wayne "Receipt" [Tha Carter]
2005-02-15 E.S.G. "By My Side" [Family Business]
Won't be like Baby and Lil Wayne, see I'ma keep it real, mayne
2005-06-21 Master P "Best Hustler" [Ghetto Bill]
Even doe Lil Wayne and Baby like to stunt, they still stayed humble, and Cash Money blew up
2005-11-29 Chris Brown "Gimme That" feat. Lil Wayne [Chris Brown]
Weezy baby, baby, what it do, I'm tryna holla at cha
2006-10-31 Birdman & Lil Wayne "Leather So Soft" [Like Father, Like Son]
I mean them Weezy bumbaclot different hoes
2008-06-30 G-Unit "Party Ain't Over" feat. Young Buck [T.O.S.: Terminate On Sight]
Listenin to Trina while she run game on Lil' Wayne
2010-01-05 Childish Gambino "49ers (Orange Shirt)" feat. DC Pierson [I Am Just A Rapper]
I bet you wouldn't sleep on me if I was Lil Weezy, huh?
2010-06-21 Eminem "Won't Back Down" feat. P!nk [Recovery]
Does Lil Wayne slurp syrup 'til he burps and smoke purp?
2010-11-29 N-Dubz "Girls" [Love.Live.Life]
If Weezy made it rain, then I can make it snow
2011-03-15 Travis Barker "Can A Drummer Get Some?" feat. Game, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz [Give The Drummer Some]
Wayne got the smoke, and Game got the heat
2011-07-13 Lil Wayne "Gucci Gucci Freestyle" [Sorry 4 The Wait]
Weezy go hard, you bitches go figure
2011-07-13 Lil Wayne "Sorry 4 The Wait" [Sorry 4 The Wait]
We the shit, yeah, Weezy go hard like Cialis
2011-07-13 Lil Wayne "Gucci Gucci Freestyle" [Sorry 4 The Wait]
Tunechi, Tunechi, tote the toolie, fuck around and pop ya
2011-11-29 Vakill "A Lynched Legacy" [Armor of God]
I want 50 to murk Weezy
2012-09-03 Lil Wayne "Same Damn Tune" [Dedication 4]
I'm Tunechi, I do me, smoke doobies, tote uzis
2013-03-26 Lil Wayne "I Ain't Nervous" feat. Boo [I Am Not A Human Being II]
You fuck with Tunechi, you end up a missin person
2013-10-09 The Game "F.I.V.E." feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne [OKE: Operation Kill Everything]
2013-10-09 The Game "F.I.V.E." feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne [OKE: Operation Kill Everything]
I got five on it, five short, Young Tune in this bitch, fuck 5-0

origin: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA