Lil Boosie
Lil Boosie

cited at 52 senses as a primary artist, including:

2004-05-25 Lil Boosie "Swerve" feat. Lil Webbie [Gangsta Musik]
In my Firebird on them choppers with them fuckin screens
2003-07-22 Lil Boosie "Keep It Gutta" [Ghetto Stories]
When you 'posed to be out chea
2010-09-28 Lil Boosie "Devils" feat. Foxx [Incarcerated]
Dey got devils out chea
2002-01-01 Lil Boosie "Thug In My Life" [For My Thugz]
Smokin on Garcia Vega, and my hoes mad
2006-10-24 Lil Boosie "I Remember" [Bad Azz]
I'm on some flossed out shit
2004-05-25 Lil Boosie "Swerve" feat. Lil Webbie [Gangsta Musik]
I'll hit you with that nina ross
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2009-03-31 UGK "Harry Asshole" feat. Lil Boosie, Webbie [UGK 4 Life]
I'm smokin on the fatty, filled up with the good
2008-09-16 DJ Khaled "Out Here Grindin'" feat. Ace Hood, Akon, Lil Boosie, Plies, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, Young Jeezy [We Global]
Should be proud of your son, he a trap star
2005-09-20 David Banner "Ain't Got Nothing" feat. Lil Boosie, Magic [Certified]
If you don't like it, knuckle up and take it to the yard
2007-12-04 DJ Drama "Keep It Gangsta" feat. Lil Boosie, Webbie, Yo Gotti [Gangsta Grillz: The Album]
Playa made niggas, mayne
2012-12-12 Young Jeezy "Turn Up Or Die" feat. Lil Boosie [It's Tha World]
Ye, you know I'm blowing killer, ye, I'm killing shit
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2006-10-24 Lil Boosie "Set It Off" [Bad Azz]
Boosie tote uzis and his hitman foolish
2010-09-28 Lil Boosie "Betrayed" feat. Webbie [Incarcerated]
Niggas be hating, but Boosie Boo, he hood rich

origin: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA