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2006-09-24 Lecrae "The King" feat. Flame [After The Music Stops]
Supreme ruler, shinin brighter than Jacob the Jeweler's
2012-05-10 Lecrae "Rise" [Church Clothes]
Some rappers teach us how to chin check 'em
2012-09-04 Lecrae "Fallin Down" feat. Swoope, Trip-Lee [Gravity]
YOLO, homie, so pour another glass
2008-09-30 Lecrae "Go Hard" feat. Tedashii [Rebel]
2010-09-28 Lecrae "New Shalom" feat. Pro [Rehab]
New Jerusalem, yeah, you know where we belong
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2005-12-06 Flame "No Silence" feat. Lecrae [Rewind]
What it do, keep on pressin', even if they don't receive
2006-07-10 Tedashii "In Ya Hood (Remix)" feat. J-Son, Lecrae, Sho, Thi'Sl, Trip-Lee [Kingdom People]
We don't smoke, drank, or tote a 44 on the waist

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2010-09-28 Lecrae "New Shalom" feat. Pro [Rehab]
I go hard, I still rebel with Lecrae

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