Killah Priest
Killah Priest

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2003-07-08 Killah Priest "Time" feat. Savoy [Black August]
It's too late, I see the king in the new Jerusalem
2008-04-14 Killah Priest "Time (Remix)" feat. Dreddy Kruger, Savoy [Black August: Revisited]
I see the king and the new Jerusalem, I could touch the gates
2010-08-03 Killah Priest "Democracy" feat. Canibus [The 3 Day Theory]
Permission to get crunked up, ask the instructor
2007-08-21 Killah Priest "Osirus Eyes" [The Offering]
Central booking, '91, in the pen with hoodlums
2009-05-19 Killah Priest "Night Hawk" [The Exorcist]
Gimme a cause to shoot, bitches wit fat onions
1998-02-24 Killah Priest "From Then Till Now" [Heavy Mental]
Now we act retarded, forsook the wisdom of the fathers
2003-07-08 Killah Priest "Do You Want It" [Black August]
Have 'em buggin' out and actin all retarded
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2000-07-18 Canibus "Horsementality" feat. Killah Priest, Kurupt, Ras Kass [2000 B.C.]
Kiddo, I be doin my thug thizzo for shizzo
2008 Hell Razah "Streets To The Studio" feat. Killah Priest, Timbo King [Hell Hop: Volume One]
Her onion is fat, but it's all about that cash
2003-10-07 Shabazz The Disciple "Thieves In Da Nite (Heist)" feat. Killah Priest, Lil' Dap [The Book of Shabazz: The Hidden Scrollz]
Shitting and pissing and under pressure from the 3 pound
2008 Hell Razah "Don't Hate" feat. Killah Priest, Timbo King [Hell Hop: Volume One]
Thug passion of Christ, fill me cup, we live it up
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2010-08-03 Killah Priest "Brolic" feat. Empuls [The 3 Day Theory]
No matter what you herbs say, it'll still be Priest