Kid 'N Play
Kid 'N Play

cited at 13 senses as a primary artist, including:

1988-10-21 Kid 'N Play "Can You Dig That" [2 Hype]
Don’t be dissin’ if you’re the opposition
1988-10-21 Kid 'N Play "Last Night" [2 Hype]
Laughin' so hard at how Play was dissin' her
1991-09-24 Kid 'n Play "Slippin'" [Face The Nation]
Now on the scene with Gene was five-o
1988-10-21 Kid 'n Play "Last Night" [2 Hype]
Gettin' ends together to pay my fee
1991-09-24 Kid 'n Play "Bill's At The Door" [Face The Nation]
I don't wanna get knocked out the box like Redd Foxx or Willie Nelson
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