2003-04-08 Z-Ro "Free Style" feat. Big Pokey, H.A.W.K., Kevo, Lyrical 187, Mussilini [A Bad Azz Mix Tape]
I chin check young niggaz that don't show respect
2004-01-06 Big Pokey "Sick In Da Mind" feat. Kevo, Lil' O [A Bad Azz Mix Tape III]
All-star offense for you haters that cock block
2004-01-06 Lil' Keke & Big Hawk "Mix It Up" feat. Kevo, Lyrical 187 [Wreckin' 2004]
I'm so iced up, just missing the hockey puck
2002-04-16 Z-Ro "Real" feat. Kevo, Lil' O [Screwed Up Click Representa]
Remember back in the day, I used to be a poor man
2003-08-05 Lyrical 187 "Slide 'Em" feat. Big T, D-Capo, Kevo [Ready 4 What Eva]
Smoking like a freight train, going hard on dro
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