Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland
2002-06-25 Nelly "Dilemma" feat. Kelly Rowland [Nellyville]
I like your steez, your style, your whole demeanor
2012-01-06 Rick Ross "Mine Games" feat. Kelly Rowland [Rich Forever]
All-black double R, me and my baby girl
2013-10-08 Pusha T "Let Me Love You" feat. Kelly Rowland [My Name Is My Name]
On the DL, pushin' my brother's CL
2011-06-17 Pitbull "Castle Made of Sand" feat. Jamie Drastik, Kelly Rowland [Planet Pit]
I'm comin out with dinner and wearin a chinchilla
2010-11-16 Nelly "Gone" feat. Kelly Rowland [5.0]
This time I'll show and prove, prove that I'm really irreplacable
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origin: Atlanta, Georgia, USA