Kelly Price
Kelly Price
1999-07-13 Lil' Cease "Girlfriend" feat. Kelly Price [The Wonderful World of Cease A Leo]
Cats gettin deals, and I ain't aggie
2000-09-05 LL Cool J "You & Me" feat. Kelly Price [G.O.A.T.]
Sip Grand Marnier and maybe puff a dime sack
1998-01-13 The LOX "So Right" feat. Kelly Price [Money, Power & Respect]
Playa-haters be scraping the 6
1997-08-12 Puff Daddy "No Way Out" feat. Black Rob, Kelly Price [Money Talks Soundtrack]
Tired of looking at these ugly niggas with ice grills
1998-11-10 R. Kelly "Money Makes The World Go Round" feat. Kelly Price, Nas [R.]
Selling nicks to trey bags
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