Keith Murray
Keith Murray
member of: Def Squad

cited at 59 senses as a primary artist, including:

1999-01-12 Keith Murray "My Life" feat. Deja Vu [It's A Beautiful Thing]
Hustle krills, stack dough, and everything's okay
2007-07-31 Keith Murray "Hustle On" [Rap-Murr-Phobia]
For the police and them baseheads juxin'
1994-11-08 Keith Murray "Bom Bom Zee" feat. Hurricane G, Paul Hightower [The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World]
I blow your ass out, click, click, booyaka!
2003-04-29 Keith Murray "Da Ba Dunk Song" [He's Keith Murray]
But Tina got a badunkadunk, so I'm leavin you
1999-01-12 Keith Murray "Some Shit" feat. Canibus, Deja Vu [It's A Beautiful Thing]
Hoppin out the Lex Land wit Redman, wildin' and cursin
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1997-09-16 EPMD "K.I.M." feat. Keith Murray, Redman [Back In Business]
Blow Camp Lo luchinis, I transform like spawn, takes no time
1995-11-20 LL Cool J "I Shot Ya (Remix)" feat. Fat Joe, Foxy Brown, Keith Murray, Prodigy [Mr. Smith]
My style is all that and a big bag of chips wit the dip
1997-02-11 Funkmaster Flex "Keith Murray & Redman - Freestyle" feat. Keith Murray, Redman [The Mix Tape Volume 1: 60 Minutes of Funk]
2001-05-22 Redman "Wrong 4 Dat" feat. Keith Murray [Malpractice]
You get mashed out, cause your bird is peckin
2008-12-09 EPMD "They Tell Me" feat. Keith Murray [We Mean Business]
That ain't gangsta, that is wanksta
2009-05-19 Method Man & Redman "Errbody Scream" feat. Keith Murray [Blackout! 2]
Got badunkadunks waving all at me
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3 shout-outs in these lyrics

1994-11-08 Keith Murray "Dip Dip Di" [The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World]
The one and only Philly blunt king Murray
1994-11-08 Keith Murray "How's That?" feat. Erick Sermon, Redman [The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World]
Murray, word is bond, gets it on
2004-06-22 Erick Sermon "Listen" [Chilltown, New York]
Last but not least, Keith wreck shop comfortably

origin: Yonkers, New York, USA