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2012-03-28 Kam "Let's Hook Up" [Kamnesia]
First time you ever saw me, I was thugged up
1993-02-16 Kam "Y'all Don't Hear Me Dough" [Neva Again]
I'm 5000, so much for gold Daytons
1993-02-16 Kam "Peace Treaty" [Neva Again]
I went hoppin up Crenshaw, niggas hang loose
1993-02-16 Kam "Peace Treaty" [Neva Again]
Gettin geeked up off a compact disc
1995-03-14 Kam "Keep Tha Peace" [Made In America]
On a hooride you glide, throwin' up ya sign
1997-08-05 Junior M.A.F.I.A. "Young Casanovas" feat. Kam, Ma$e [How To Be A Player Soundtrack]
Need a wild thing, so the town can swing
1991-10-29 Ice Cube "Color Blind" feat. Coolio, J-Dee, Kam, King Tee, Threat, WC [Death Certificate]
When the light turns green, I don't bone out
2004 Black Knights "Banged Out" feat. Kam [Every Night Is A Black Knight]
Wide open, exposin' ya dome piece, get off Long Beach
1993-10-13 Erick Sermon "The Ill Shit" feat. Ice Cube, Kam [No Pressure]
What you expect! Fuck a rain, nigga, take a chin check!
1995-02-21 DJ Quik "Keep Tha 'P' In It" feat. 2nd II None, 2-Tone, Hi-C, Kam, Playa Hamm [Safe + Sound]
For the trues from the west side
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