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2008-02-06 K-Rino "What You Gonna Do" [Triple Darkness Vol. 1 Wreck Time]
A double O.G. with hood stripes on my shoulders
2004 K-Rino "Street Corner Flows" [The Hit List]
These rappers take my rhymes to motel rooms, and run a train on 'em
2006-03-21 K-Rino "On My Side" [Time Traveler]
I'm on the cut, focused in on my mission
2007-04-17 K-Rino "Everyday" feat. K.O. [Book Number 7]
If you ain't never missed a meal or had to sleep out on the cut
2006-03-21 K-Rino "Time Traveler" feat. Mista Mann [Time Traveler]
Was in the lab when they made crack, and sparked up the dope game
2007-04-17 K-Rino "Raised In The Dead End" [Book Number 7]
We ain't trying to knock your hustle, we ain't plexing with your side
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2006-02-28 S.L.A.B. "Live My Life" feat. K-Rino, Russell Lee [Vol. 4.5: Plex]
These niggaz, trying to play so shife
1988-08-01 Point Blank "Wreckless" feat. K-Rino [Prone To Bad Dreams]
Mad as fuck, cause I just got my car outta service
2011-06-24 Canibus "The Emerald Cypher" feat. Born Sun, Killah Priest, K-Rino [Lyrical Law]
Niggaz ain't ready, man, everybody know what time it is, man
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2004-02-24 K-Rino "Heat Branga" [Family Bizness]
No, fo' sho, K-Rino go hard, I crush one