Jurassic 5
Jurassic 5

cited at 41 senses as a primary artist, including:

2002-10-04 Jurassic 5 "High Fidelity" [Power In Numbers]
The fifth element, never be hestitant, totally accurate, present or past tense
2000-06-20 Jurassic 5 "The Influence" [Quality Control]
A magical flute, some nose candy to toot
2006-07-24 Jurassic 5 "Future Sound" [Feedback]
Just imagine gun clappin', linguistic assassin
2002-10-04 Jurassic 5 "Remember His Name" [Power In Numbers]
Some cat that got clapped, gangster rapper?
2006-07-24 Jurassic 5 "Back 4 U" [Feedback]
It's J5, and it ain't no half steppin
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origin: Los Angeles, California, USA