2017-05-05 Organized Noize "Kush" feat. 2 Chainz, Joi [Organized Noize]
For my therapy, I roll some celery
2001-10-09 Shaquille O'Neal "In The Sun" feat. Black Thought, Common, Joi [Presents His Superfriends Vol. 1]
I'm from the New Jeruz, Brick City, and that's my sunshine
2012-09-25 Danny! "Myintrotoletuknow" feat. Joi [Payback]
Boosters and flat tops, they was watching the throne
2001 Backbone "Lord Have Mercy" feat. Cee-Lo, Joi [Concrete Law]
Got the snorters geeked-up
2010-07-06 Big Boi "Night Night" feat. B.o.B, Joi [Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty]
Reputation trump tight like the husband want a wife
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