Johnny P
Johnny P
1996-09-03 Do Or Die "Playa Like Me & You" feat. Johnny P [Picture This]
Can you smoke and ride in the back seat of a Cad
2000-03-14 Do Or Die "Keep It Real" feat. Johnny P [Victory]
Then you gotta be a hellafied nympho
2002-08-13 Do Or Die "Diamenz" feat. Johnny P [Back 2 The Game]
Steady cuffin that paper, ladies can't fake us
2005-02-01 Do Or Die "Church" feat. DJ Quik, Johnny P [D.O.D.]
Cause I'm off in the wind, got another party startin' at ten
1997-03-11 Scarface "Smile" feat. 2Pac, Johnny P [The Untouchable]
Inhalin sherm smoke, visualize the flames
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origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA