cited at 1 sense as a primary artist

2016-11-11 Joe "Happy Hour" feat. Gucci Mane [#MYNAMEISJOETHOMAS]
If you're looking for a d-boy, I'll be right here
1998-04-28 Big Pun "Still Not A Player" feat. Joe [Capital Punishment]
Hold up, chula, I'm all about gettin loot
2001-06-12 AZ "Everything's Everything" feat. Joe [9 Lives]
Everything's everything, niggaz, I love music
2003-11-14 G-Unit "Wanna Get To Know You" feat. Joe [Beg For Mercy]
Think I'ma be chasin the chickenhead, you're on somethin
1997-05-20 KRS-One "Come To Da Party" feat. Joe [I Got Next]
You either got the player, or the conscious rhyme sayer
2004-03-30 DJ Kay Slay "Not Your Average Joe" feat. Fat Joe, Joe, Joe Budden [The Streetsweeper Vol. 2: The Pain From The Game]
Do you see the size of this charm, mr. Jacob
2005 Tony Yayo "Curious" feat. Joe [Thoughts of A Predicate Felon]
You need diamonds from Jacob that's black and blue
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