Jedi Mind Tricks
Jedi Mind Tricks

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2004-05-25 Jedi Mind Tricks "I Against I" feat. Planetary of OuterSpace [Violent By Design]
Illadelph is like the Sun, 'cause we shine with rhyme
2004-05-25 Jedi Mind Tricks "Heavenly Divine" [Violent By Design]
The do or die, Illadelph, Jedi Mind shit
1997-11-04 Jedi Mind Tricks "As It Was In The Beginning" feat. The Lost Children Of Babylon [The Psycho-Social LP]
The ill czar shrine of two one five
2000-10-03 Jedi Mind Tricks "Death March" feat. Esoteric, Virtuoso [Violent By Design]
Pass the eight, sack of shake
2000-10-03 Jedi Mind Tricks "Retaliation" [Violent By Design]
Leave your dome-piece backless
2003-08-23 Jedi Mind Tricks "What's Really Good" feat. Rocky Raez [Visions of Ghandi]
I'm holdin' it down, with five nickel nine biscuits
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2001-11-05 Virtuoso "Beatdown" feat. Jedi Mind Tricks, T-Ruckus [World War One: The Voice of Reason]
Nasty as shit, toxic

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origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA