Ja Rule
Ja Rule
member of: Ca$h Money Click

cited at 42 senses as a primary artist, including:

2003-11-04 Ja Rule "The Crown" feat. Sizzla [Blood In My Eye]
Cause you don't wanna meet that Desert E
2003-11-04 Ja Rule "It's Murda (Freestyle)" feat. Hussein Fatal [Blood In My Eye]
Pac would have never did no song with no wanksta snitch
2004-11 Ja Rule "What's My Name" feat. Ashanti [R.U.L.E.]
Dyin to get hitched to a nigga that's caked up
2005-12-06 Ja Rule "Me" [Exodus]
Loadin' my trey-deuce for them niggaz that act hood
2004-11 Ja Rule "The Manual" [R.U.L.E.]
Go on get your paper, keep flossin on these bitches
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2000-12-05 Funkmaster Flex "Feelin The Hate" feat. Charli Baltimore, Ja Rule [The Mix Tape, Vol. IV]
Cadillac Escalade sittin on dubs, chromed up
1995-11-28 Mic Geronimo "Time To Build" feat. DMX, Ja Rule, Jay-Z [The Natural]
Niggas get 5,000, shit is rough
1999-09-28 Method Man & Redman "Four Seasons" feat. Ja Rule, LL Cool J [Blackout!]
I'm a dolo nigga, you a Polo nigga
2000-09-05 LL Cool J "Back Where I Belong" feat. Ja Rule [G.O.A.T.]
Drove off in the Lex Land
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3 shout-outs in these lyrics

1999-08-03 Memphis Bleek "Murda 4 Life" feat. Ja Rule [Coming of Age]
Street shit, Memph Bleek shit, Ja Rule, ya heard, nigga
2003-11-04 Ja Rule "It's Murda (Freestyle)" feat. Hussein Fatal [Blood In My Eye]
Rule, we here, baby, Brick City, Jersey mafia
2006-01-10 The Game "I Told You" [Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin]
You told us that Ja Rule was a wanksta