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2003-07-22 J-Zone "The Commandment$" [Sick of Being Rich]
Cause, bitch, riding dolo is just fine with me
2002-07-23 J-Zone "Zone For President" [Pimps Don't Pay Taxes]
Backpackers wave while I bump that Trick Daddy
2002-07-23 J-Zone "Q & A" [Pimps Don't Pay Taxes]
I ain't quittin till that hottie been named my wife
2002-07-23 J-Zone "County Check Pimpin" [Pimps Don't Pay Taxes]
Chickenheads hate me cause I'm cheap as fuck
2004-09-14 J-Zone "Greater Later" feat. Devin The Dude [A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work]
I go hustle some beat CDs
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2006-03 The Boss Hog Barbarians "Dog Show Pageant" [Every Hog Has Its Day]
Zone the underdog, makin mail, gettin rich