Inspectah Deck
Inspectah Deck
member of: CZARFACEWu-Tang Clan

cited at 133 senses as a primary artist, including:

2006-07-25 Inspectah Deck "It's Not A Game" feat. House Gang, Suga Bang Bang [The Resident Patient]
Pusher man stay with the work, still playing the dirt
2010-03-23 Inspectah Deck "Do What U Gotta" [Manifesto]
New faces screwfacing niggas from a distance
1999-10-03 Inspectah Deck "Settlement" [Uncontrolled Substance]
A-alikes in tune, immune to snake bites
2006-07-25 Inspectah Deck "Nobody But You" [The Resident Patient]
I only trust a-alikes, and trust they will fight
2010-03-23 Inspectah Deck "Tombstone" [Manifesto]
Wanted man, a-alikes salute me as I walk the land
2006-07-25 Inspectah Deck "U Know U No G" [The Resident Patient]
You told 5-0 you know who sold E
2006-07-25 Inspectah Deck "Animal Rights" feat. House Gang [The Resident Patient]
I'm an animal, that kind that handle business for delf
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2004 House Gang Animalz "All My Life" feat. Inspectah Deck [UndaDogz Vol. 01]
Iceberg sweats and some icy whites on
1995-11-07 GZA "Duel of The Iron Mic" feat. Inspectah Deck, Master Killer, Ol' Dirty Bastard [Liquid Swords]
Fuck the screwfaced photo sessions facial expression
1999-10-05 U-God "Rumble" feat. Inspectah Deck, Letha Face, Method Man [Golden Arms Redemption]
I chin check all these MC's, line 'em up
2009-04-07 Fes Taylor "Show Something" feat. Inspectah Deck, T-Bird [Flight 10304 (T-2 Fly)]
Don't put dirt in your home, before you have them alphabet boys searching your home
2009-09-08 Raekwon "Rockstars" feat. GZA, Inspectah Deck, Thea Van Seijen [Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II]
Moving through towns, skama lit, nations bend stations
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