Ill Bill
Ill Bill

cited at 40 senses as a primary artist, including:

2008-09-16 Ill Bill "Too Young" feat. Hero, Slaine [The Hour of Reprisal]
Went to trial, I was sent to juvy two to five
1999 Ill Bill "How To Kill A Cop" [Gangsta Rap]
Shoot him ten more times, then I merc off on the highway
2004-04-30 Ill Bill "The Name's Bill" [God Is An Atheist/The Name's Bill]
2008-09-16 Ill Bill "White Nigger" [The Hour of Reprisal]
Some claim the Jews be the biggest wiggers
2008-09-16 Ill Bill "White Nigger" [The Hour of Reprisal]
Nazi skinheads showed up at Lamour's in Brooklyn, got stabbed up by Puerto Rican skins from Bushwick
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2011-08-23 Apathy "The Villain" feat. Ill Bill [Honkey Kong]
This ain't trap music, this ain't frat music
2010-06-21 Vinnie Paz "Brick Wall" feat. Demoz, Ill Bill [Season of The Assassin]
You could smoke wet and get smoked with the eagle
2004-07-27 Mr. Hyde "Street Veteran Part 2" feat. Ill Bill, Necro [Barn of The Naked Death]
I got an ounce of the haze, a 4 pounder to blaze
2006-03-21 MC Lars "The Dialogue" feat. Ill Bill [The Graduate]
Gas prices got my people with seeds having to gank Pampers
2012-10-30 Sean Price "Solomon Grundy" feat. Ike Eyes, Ill Bill [Mic Tyson]
Everything is everything, I'm a heavy metal king
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