House of Pain
House of Pain

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1994 House of Pain "Word Is Bond (Remix)" feat. Diamond D [Legend]
Start acting hard, and get smoked like a wooly
1992-07-21 House of Pain "Feel It" [House of Pain]
My DJ Lethal, he's on the cut
1994-06-28 House of Pain "Runnin' Up On Ya" [Same As It Ever Was]
Spark the boom
1994-06-28 House of Pain "Word Is Bond" feat. Diamond D [Same As It Ever Was]
Smoke the boom that's exotic
1994 House of Pain "Word Is Bond (Remix)" feat. Diamond D [Legend]
Making fat dub plates on the reg
1992-07-21 House of Pain "House & The Rising Sun" [House of Pain]
That's what it is, y'all, that's what it is
1994-06-28 House of Pain "Same As It Ever Was" [Same As It Ever Was]
That's what it is, money grip
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1992-07-21 House of Pain "Come & Get Some of This" [House of Pain]
House of Pain in full effect, and if you come with disrespect

origin: New York City, New York, USA