The High & Mighty
The High & Mighty

cited at 20 senses as a primary artist, including:

1999-08-24 The High & Mighty "In-Outs" feat. Cage [Home Field Advantage]
Cobra clutch your domepiece
2001-10-22 The High & Mighty "Open Mic Night" feat. Baby Black, Rahsheed [High & Mighty Presents Eastern Conference All-Stars]
Two Dutches of skunk, straitjacket pre-shrunk
1999-08-24 The High & Mighty "The Half" [Home Field Advantage]
Cherish it, while we smoke on this green, relish it
1999-08-24 The High & Mighty "Weed" [Home Field Advantage]
The green leaf that I smoke with wreath
2002-02-26 The High & Mighty "You Don't Wanna Fuck Wit" feat. Havoc, R.A. The Rugged Man [Air Force 1 EP]
Ice grills without a blink
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origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA