Hell Razah
Hell Razah

cited at 101 senses as a primary artist, including:

2005 Hell Razah "Whips, Gunz & Cash" feat. Jake Red, Sharecka, Timbo King [Black Presidents Mixtape, Vol. 1]
Y'all cats better respect the game, before ya ass be casper
2008 Hell Razah "School of The Silver Mic" feat. Iam, Prodigal Sunn [Hell Hop: Volume One]
Don't need to technical, son, I'm nice with my knuckle check
2010-09-28 Hell Razah "My Testimony" feat. Darnell McClain [Heaven Razah]
I keep a trey pound seven in the heaven's reach
2001 Hell Razah "What We Came To Do" [When All Hell Breaks Loose]
You can catch me in the back of a Cad
2008 Hell Razah "Streets To The Studio" feat. Killah Priest, Timbo King [Hell Hop: Volume One]
Her onion is fat, but it's all about that cash
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1999-06-29 GZA "Hip Hop Fury" feat. Dreddy Kruger, Hell Razah, RZA, Timbo King [Beneath The Surface]
You crunchy chump crabs get crumbled up like crack rock
2007-08-21 Killah Priest "The Offering" feat. Hell Razah [The Offering]
See the offering is pureness, straight-up hip-hop
1999-06-29 GZA "Feel Like An Enemy" feat. Hell Razah, Killah Priest, Prodigal Sun, Trigga [Beneath The Surface]
Surrounded by crooks, a life wit jooks and bloody heist
2007-08-21 Killah Priest "The Offering" feat. Hell Razah [The Offering]
He should be the next king of BK
2009-10-20 William Cooper "In America" feat. Hell Razah, Killah Priest [Beware of The Pale Horse]
In the enemy states we trap behind the line
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