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2002-07-23 Haystak "Dirty Dirty" [The Natural]
I love clubs when they're crunked rowdy and wild
2000-08-08 Haystak "Listen" [Haystak]
Look just like you do, Airs, Axe, FuBu
2002-07-23 Haystak "Oh My God" feat. Bubba Sparxxx [The Natural]
Fuckin shit up like it was 4:20
2000-09-11 Haystak "Car Fulla White Boys" [Car Fulla White Boys]
Mean muggin' haters, heads bobbin' up and down
2000-09-11 Haystak "The Bottom" [Car Fulla White Boys]
Down here we having things
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origin: Lebanon, Tennessee, USA