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2007-09-18 Havoc "Set Me Free" feat. Nyce, Prodigy [The Kush]
When I'm squeezing the only time I ghost ride the whip
2009-02-24 Havoc "Can't Get Touched" [Hidden Files]
My mind is a Range as I whip through the game
2007-09-18 Havoc "Set Me Free" feat. Nyce, Prodigy [The Kush]
Our studios like a morgue, cuz songs get bodied
2009-02-24 Havoc "This Is Where It's At" feat. Big Noyd [Hidden Files]
Cause Noyd in the house, I'm from Queensbridge
2003-02-25 Havoc "Bump That" feat. 50 Cent, Noyd [Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape]
I done seen the gulliest of 'em cry for home
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1996-07-01 Nas "The Set Up" feat. Havoc [It Was Written]
Why niggaz actin illy
2010-02-02 Statik Selektah "Do It 2 Death" feat. Havoc, Kool G Rap, Lil' Fame [100 Proof: The Hangover]
The root of evil, envious shit on the boulevards, the streets, avenues, and PJs
1993-10-19 Black Moon "U Da Man" feat. Big Dru Ha, Havoc, Smif-N-Wessun [Enta Da Stage]
Patch a Crooked I, comin straight out of Bed-Stuy
2003-02-25 1st Infantry "The Midnight Creep" feat. Havoc, Twin Gambino [Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape]
A playa lay it down, a four pounder
2002-07-09 Onyx "Hold Up" feat. Havoc, X-1 [Bacdafucup Part II]
Car titles get lost, some niggaz get jooked
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1995-04-25 Mobb Deep "The Start of Your Ending (41st Side)" [The Infamous]
Prodigy and the H.A.V.O.C. from the Q.B.C.
1996-10-29 Mobb Deep "Drop A Gem On Em" [Hell On Earth]
Maggot-ass Havoc represent for the Q-B-C
2005-02-22 Cormega "Angel Dust" feat. Havoc [The Testament]
Aiyyo, Hav, let the four pound spit, what!