36 shout-outs in these lyrics

1994-05-25 Heavy D & The Boyz "Nuttin' But Love" feat. Vinia Mojica [Nuttin' But Love]
1994-10-18 Digable Planets "Jettin" [Blowout Comb]
Fronts say Gucci, we make lucci
1995-09-12 Kool G Rap "Blowin' Up In The World" [4, 5, 6]
Makin mad lucci, bought up Louis Vuitton, Gucci
1995-09-12 Kool G Rap "Money On My Brain" feat. B1, MF Grimm [4, 5, 6]
Pockets filled with lucci, leather wallets designed by Gucci
1997-01-14 Delinquent Habits "No Identity" [Rhyme & Reason Soundtrack]
Versace and Gucci, rollin big-time lucci
1997-02-11 Funkmaster Flex "Busta Rhymes & Flipmode Squad Freestyle" [The Mix Tape Volume 3: 60 Minutes of Funk]
Get lucci, sport Gucci, and stack papers
1997-04-22 Heavy D "Get Fresh Hev" [Waterbed Hev]
The Rolex, the lucci, Versace, Coogi, Gucci
1997-08-26 Coolio "Nature of The Business" [My Soul]
We gonna stack enough loochie to get your girls gift from Gucci
1997-10-21 Salt-n-Pepa "Good Life" feat. Spinderella [Brand New]
1998 Mac "Nobody Make A Sound" feat. 2-4-1, Fiend, Magic [Shell Shocked]
Throw down your rollies, your Gucci's, your 'sace's
1998 McGruff "Destined To Be" [Destined To Be]
I'm gettin lucci, Versace, coochie, Gucci
2000-03-21 Trina "69 Ways" feat. J-Shin [Da Baddest Bitch]
Might bust a nut on my Gucci bra
2000-10-10 Guerilla Maab "Double R" feat. Kendro [In The Mist of Guerillas]
I'm the one with the loochie, draped down in Gucci
2000-10-10 Guerilla Maab "Constant Grind" feat. Young Paccinos [In The Mist of Guerillas]
We Gucci shades and playa made with bald fades
2002-06-01 50 Cent "Tony Yayo Explosion" feat. Tony Yayo [50 Cent Is The Future]
They seen the Gucci seats in the 6
2002-08-20 Clipse "Grindin'" feat. Pharrell Williams [Lord Willin]
Gucci Chuck Taylor with the dragon on the side
2002-10-08 Boot Camp Clik "Think Back" [The Chosen Few]
2002-11-26 Baby "Baby You Can Do It" feat. Toni Braxton [Birdman]
Broads on my yacht wit they Gucci and proper, hood rich, I'm sellin that
2002-12-16 Nas "Book of Rhymes" [God's Son]
It's hard to be iced up with Gucci, god, poverty's real
2003-07-22 Yukmouth "Stuntastic" [Godzilla]
Now, Louis, Timbos, Gucci to Benzo
2003-07-22 Yukmouth "Stuntastic" [Godzilla]
Now, Louie, Timbos, Gucci to Benzo
2003 Mathematics "Pimpology 101" feat. Buddah Bless [Love, Hell Or Right (Da Come Up)]
You see the Timbs with the Gucci pack, you see the lucci stack?
2005-06-21 Webbie "Independent" feat. Lil Boosie, Lil Phats [Savage Life]
Gucci hat, Gucci fit so sick
2006-10-24 Lil Boosie "Set It Off" [Bad Azz]
With Gucci shades, with some j's you ain't never seen
2007-02-13 Boss Hogg Outlawz "Recognize A Playa" [Serve & Collect]
Gucci clothes, j's on my toes
2007-10-04 Solomon Childs "Just Fine (Remix)" feat. Chris Brown [The Art of Making Love & War]
Gucci seats in them Lambo' vans
2008-03-20 Flo Rida "Don't Know How To Act" feat. Yung Joc [Mail On Sunday]
Blue with my swag, that's that Gucci duffle bag
2009-04-28 Mike Jones "Swagger Right" [The Voice]
I'm Gucci over butter while I'm purple drank sippin
2009-12-15 Obie Trice "On & On" [Special Reserve]
Never had lucci, Coogi, or Gucci
2010-06-08 Soulja Boy "Touchdown" [The Deandre Way]
Hella swagged-up, see the Gucci stashed up
2010-12-07 T.I. "I Can't Help It" feat. Rocko [No Mercy]
Gucci boots on when I trap in the dirt
2012-01-06 Yo Gotti "Women Lie, Men Lie" feat. Lil Wayne [Live From The Kitchen]
I be rockin' Gucci, sometimes Louis, I'm retarded
2012-01-12 Future "Blow" feat. Ludacris, Rocko [Astronaut Status]
Put the Gucci skully on
2012-12-11 The Game "All That (Lady)" feat. Big Sean, Fabolous, Jeremih, Lil Wayne [Jesus Piece]
Game on point like the stripes on my Gucc' backpack
2014-05-21 Slaughterhouse "House Rules" [House Rules]
Wet your Gucci with the 9 tool, you try to win this race
2015-07-31 Migos "What a Feeling" [Yung Rich Nation]
Runnin' from 12 in a Gucci fleece