Gangsta Pat
Gangsta Pat

cited at 34 senses as a primary artist, including:

1999-11-09 Gangsta Pat "All They Wanna Do" [Tear Yo Club Down]
My niggas gon' smoke the chronic, these hoes gon' smoke this cabbage
1995-07-10 Gangsta Pat "The O.J. Murder Story" [Deadly Verses]
How you get this krill, bitch
1995-07-10 Gangsta Pat "I Wanna Smoke" [Deadly Verses]
Lick and light it and chief it
1997-05-13 Gangsta Pat "I Wanna $moke (Part III)" [The Story of My Life]
Sack after sack I'm chiefin back to back
1999-11-09 Gangsta Pat "Smoke Somethin'" [Tear Yo Club Down]
We got the sack full of green, Optimos lit
1999-11-09 Gangsta Pat "G'n 4 Life" [Tear Yo Club Down]
I trust a nigga, steady smokin' plenty Optimos
1999-11-09 Gangsta Pat "All They Wanna Do" [Tear Yo Club Down]
Out the box of Optimos, I started to roll up a couple of blunts
1999-11-09 Gangsta Pat "Gangsta Party" [Tear Yo Club Down]
Plenty optimos cause you know we rollin' heavy
1999-11-09 Gangsta Pat "It's Friday Night" [Tear Yo Club Down]
First I stopped at the store and got us some Optimos
1999-11-09 Gangsta Pat "We Buck Up N Dis" [Tear Yo Club Down]
I'm in the park with my niggas, smokin' on Optimos
1995-07-10 Gangsta Pat "Deadly Verses" [Deadly Verses]
The villain is chillin
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origin: Memphis, Tennessee, USA