cited at 21 senses as a primary artist, including:

2015-12-04 G-Eazy "Calm Down" [When It's Dark Out]
From the Bay, birthplace of the hyphy
2014-04-29 G-Eazy "Lotta That" feat. A$AP Ferg, Danny Seth [These Things Happen]
Better learn your algebra and your decimals too
2015-12-04 G-Eazy "Sad Boy" [When It's Dark Out]
It's weird now I got money to buy nice steez
2012-09-26 G-Eazy "Breathe" [Must Be Nice]
Burnin on this sour diesel got me movin' slow
2014-06-19 G-Eazy "Far Alone" feat. E-40, Jay Ant [These Things Happen]
Most of y'all were chasin' around bops
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2019-10-25 Guapdad 4000 "First Things First" feat. G-Eazy, Reo Cragun [Dior Deposits]
Sneak diss, but in my presence acting like it's not bad
2017-03-24 Raekwon "Purple Brick Road" feat. G-Eazy [The Wild]
Cuban link's on my neck, and I just put a presidential on my wrist
2018-12-14 Vic Mensa "Reverse" feat. G-Eazy [HOOLIGANS]
Pour that Ace of Spades up, we don't want no Merlot

origin: Oakland, California, USA