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2016-02-06 Future "Low Life" feat. The Weeknd [EVOL]
I turned the Ritz into a lean house
2016-01-26 Future "No Charge" [Purple Reign]
Get that Perky to you no charge
2016-01-26 Future "Perkys Calling" [Purple Reign]
I can hear the perkys callin'
2011-09-11 Future "Same Damn Time" [Streetz Calling]
My young nigga servin' jays outside crim
2012-01-12 Future "Birds Take A Bath" feat. Young Jeezy, Young Scooter [Astronaut Status]
Them j, they just taste the crack
2012-01-12 Future "Itchin'" [Astronaut Status]
The neighbors, they don't like me, I got jays at the door
2012-04-17 Future "Fishscale" [Pluto]
I'm in the middle of the street with j's in a huddle
2012-01-12 Future "Nunbout" feat. Cooley [Astronaut Status]
2012-01-12 Future "No Matter What" [Astronaut Status]
The fuck this high siddity girl want to do with an astronaut kid?
2012-04-17 Future "Astronaut Chick" [Pluto]
You high-saditty and pretty, lights, camera flashin
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2018-02-09 Jay Rock "King's Dead" feat. Future, James Blake, Kendrick Lamar [Black Panther: The Album]
I ain't gon' front you, keep it 100, I don't know you
2013-10-08 Pusha T "Pain" feat. Future [My Name Is My Name]
A team of lawyers to run the train on the judge
2015-11-26 Ralo "Can't Lie - Bonus Track" feat. Future [Diary of the Streets]
I got a presi', the real one
2015-06-29 Meek Mill "Jump Out the Face" feat. Future [Dreams Worth More Than Money]
Young nigga pull up in Bentleys just boolin'
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origin: Atlanta, Georgia, USA