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1997-05-13 Fiend "Don't Mess Around" [I'm Bout It Soundtrack]
I'm 'bout to put that gangsta lean on him
2006-06-27 Fiend "Thugg'n & Drugg'n" [The Addiction]
Swag extra great, its residue I scrape
2006-06-27 Fiend "Wired Up" [The Addiction]
Gun clapping on a nigga understand, and I hope you brung your shit
1998-05-05 Fiend "Who Got The Fire" feat. Master P, Snoop Doggy Dogg [There's One In Every Family]
Cavi on the triple beam
1998-05-05 Fiend "At All Times" [There's One In Every Family]
Y'all cluckers better get ready for this
2006-06-27 Fiend "Sell It" [The Addiction]
Had the cluckers rushing through the lines like Marshall Faulk
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2005-03-22 C-Murder "Betta Watch Me" feat. Fiend, Popeye [The Truest Shit I Ever Said]
This MAK-90 mean, I ain't giving you fuck
1999-06-01 TRU "Hard N's" feat. C-Murder, Fiend, Master P [Da Crime Family]
Holla "hoody hoo" when the rollers rode up
1998-10-27 Mia X "Mama Drama" feat. Fiend [Mama Drama]
Nothin's fatter than rappers' faces after I verbally gat ya
2009-04-07 Jadakiss "Something Else" feat. Fiend, Young Jeezy [The Last Kiss]
It's why I'm strapped 365, even holidays, yeah!
2011-08-30 Smoke Dza "Notorious" feat. Big Sant, Fiend [Rolling Stoned]
Run up in his bitch like Goldy, presidential Rollie, playa of the year
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1998-10-20 Gambino Family "I'm A Baller" feat. C-Murder, Fiend, Master P, Mia X [Ghetto Organized]
Fiend, yeah, wodie, that made Big Tymer