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2003-03-04 Fabolous "Not Give A Fuck" [Street Dreams]
I buy double deuces to rent a Benz
2011-12-25 Fabolous "Death Comes In 3's" [There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes in 3's]
BBM in my black bold, yo, BM in my black Rolls
2014-12-25 Fabolous "Lituation" [The Young OG Project]
Yeah, got your BM in my BM, nigga
2001-09-11 Fabolous "Can't Deny It" feat. Nate Dogg [Ghetto Fabolous]
I might be in Chuck T's or the chuckers
2001-09-11 Fabolous "Get Right" [Ghetto Fabolous]
Bulky knit, can't even see my 3-pound
2003-03-04 Fabolous "My Life" feat. Mary J. Blige [Street Dreams]
I carry three pounds, and nearly three rounds
2003-03-04 Fabolous "Into You" feat. Ashanti [Street Dreams]
Or sit on chrome-dipped dub-deuces
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2012-12-11 The Game "All That (Lady)" feat. Big Sean, Fabolous, Jeremih, Lil Wayne [Jesus Piece]
My ladybug, yeah, she cool like that in them Trues
2013-05-21 French Montana "40" feat. Fabolous, Trey Songz [Excuse My French]
These girls be 'bout that YOLO life
2009-09-29 Ghostface Killah "Guest House" feat. Fabolous, Shareefa [Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry In Emerald City]
Since 7 o'clock she been gone for owls
2012-04-05 The Game "Death Penalty" feat. Eric Bellinger, Fabolous, Slim Thug [California Republic]
If she ain't ridin shotty, AK-47 this
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2001-09-11 Fabolous "Gotta Be Thug" [Ghetto Fabolous]
Fabolous, the only way to ID him is in a five BM
2003-11-04 Fabolous "Renegade" feat. Paul Cain [More Street Dreams Pt. 2: The Mixtape]
Yo, Fab, man, you ain't even gotta go hard, man
2008-02-13 Fabolous "Fuck Wit' Street Fam" feat. Neo Da Matrix [There Is No Competition]
My nigga loco, it's 'loso