Erick Sermon
Erick Sermon
member of: Def SquadEPMD

cited at 112 senses as a primary artist, including:

2012-02 Erick Sermon "Lil Nikki" feat. Twon Gabz [Breath of Fresh Air]
2001-10-30 Erick Sermon "Come Thru" feat. Cha Cha [Music]
Screwface me? You ain't hard neither
2004-06-22 Erick Sermon "Future Thug" feat. Ludacris, Redman [Chilltown, New York]
I'm in New York now but I represent the swats of A-town
1995-11-07 Erick Sermon "Man Above" [Double Or Nothing]
So react, bitch, no diggity, ain't no future in my frontin', just ask MC
2001-10-30 Erick Sermon "I'm Hot" [Music]
Get it crunked before the last song's announced
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1998-11-24 Redman "Keep On '99" feat. Erick Sermon [Doc's Da Name 2000]
I'd rather smoke cabbage, in the chair gettin tatted
2007-07-31 Keith Murray "U Ain't Nobody" feat. Erick Sermon, Redman [Rap-Murr-Phobia]
You know what it is, hoody-hoo!
2003-04-29 Keith Murray "Yeah Yeah U Know It" feat. Erick Sermon, Redman [He's Keith Murray]
I stay off the meat rack, B
1998-11-24 Redman "Keep On '99" feat. Erick Sermon [Doc's Da Name 2000]
You bout to go downtown, bitch, like tha shiznit
1993-08-24 Illegal "We Getz Buzy" feat. Erick Sermon [The Untold Truth]
Who can see me? My rap format is cock diezel
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6 shout-outs in these lyrics

1988-06-07 EPMD "It's My Thing" [Strictly Business]
Time to put it down, E
1988-06-07 EPMD "Strictly Business" [Strictly Business]
Yo, don't sleep on the E
1988-06-07 EPMD "Let The Funk Flow" [Strictly Business]
I hear the girls out there sayin "E is hot"
1992-07-28 EPMD "Brothers From Brentwood L.I." [Crossover]
Now, it's time for me, the E, to rock it loco
1996-12-10 Redman "Do What Ya Feel" feat. Method Man [Muddy Waters]
Like E said, get the bozack
2012-02 Erick Sermon "Dodge This" feat. Sheek Louch [Breath of Fresh Air]
E Double, what it do, family?

origin: Brentwood, New York, USA