Eric B. & Rakim
Eric B. & Rakim

cited at 50 senses as a primary artist, including:

1987-07-07 Eric B. & Rakim "Move The Crowd" [Paid In Full]
For those that know me, indeed, I like to flow
1987-07-07 Eric B. & Rakim "My Melody" [Paid In Full]
Keep you goin when I'm flowin, smooth enough, you know it
1988-07-25 Eric B. & Rakim "To The Listeners" [Follow The Leader]
Others are trying to flow smooth and steadily
1988-07-25 Eric B. & Rakim "Follow The Leader" [Follow The Leader]
Fasten your seatbelt, cause I'm about to flow
1987-07-07 Eric B. & Rakim "I Know You Got Soul" [Paid In Full]
Eager to MC is my theme
1990-05-22 Eric B. & Rakim "Mahogany" [Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em]
Looks I received made it hard to MC
1987-07-07 Eric B. & Rakim "Eric B Is President" [Paid In Full]
Eric B is on the cut and my name is Rakim
1992-06-23 Eric B. & Rakim "Relax With Pep" [Don't Sweat The Technique]
Relax, I'll track out, lap the half stepper
1987-07-07 Eric B. & Rakim "Paid In Full" [Paid In Full]
Thinkin how could I get some dead presidents
1992-06-23 Eric B. & Rakim "Teach The Children" [Don't Sweat The Technique]
Who makes the most dead presidents in the projects
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origin: New York City, New York, USA