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1999-02-23 Eminem "Guilty Conscience" feat. Dr. Dre [The Slim Shady LP]
Go in and gaffle the money and run to one of your aunt's cribs
1996-11-12 Eminem "Infinite" [Infinite]
One time for your motherfucking mind, we represent the 313
1996-11-12 Eminem "313" feat. Eye-Kyu [Infinite]
What you know about a sweet MC in the 313
1997-12-06 Eminem "No One's Iller Than Me" feat. Bizarre, Fuzz, Swift [The Slim Shady EP]
It's Eminem and Swift from the 313
2006-12-04 Eminem "Shake That (Remix)" feat. Bobby Creekwater, Nate Dogg, Obie Trice [Eminem Presents: The Re-Up]
Sippin everything from white cran to deuce-deuce
2013-11-05 Eminem "Evil Twin" [The Marshall Mathers LP 2]
You're lucky I don't tear it off you and jump your bones, you sexy motherfucker
2006-12-04 Eminem "We're Back" feat. Bobby Creekwater, Ca$his, Obie Trice, Stat Quo [Eminem Presents The Re-Up]
Niggas got me bent like Cranberry and Belvee
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2000-04-18 Tony Touch "Get Back" feat. Dirty Dozen, Eminem [The Piece Maker]
A double-deuce wit slugs, I'm proof on drugs
2012-08-28 Slaughterhouse "Asylum" feat. Eminem [Welcome To: Our House]
On purp, goin berserk, bonin miss nurse ratchet
2011-08-09 Royce Da 5'9 "Writer's Block" feat. Eminem [Success Is Certain]
On the strength, no diggity
2006-08-15 Obie Trice "There They Go" feat. Big Herc, Eminem, Trick Trick [Second Round's On Me]
We known for the car shows, running from the narcos
2003-02-06 50 Cent "Patiently Waiting" feat. Eminem [Get Rich Or Die Tryin]
A to the K, get in the way, I'll bring Dre and them wit me
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1997-12-06 Eminem "No One's Iller Than Me" feat. Bizarre, Fuzz, Swift [The Slim Shady EP]
It's Eminem and Swift from the 313
2004-10-08 Common "The Food" feat. Kanye West [The Food]
On the block, white is selling like Eminem
2006-12-04 Eminem "You Don't Know" feat. 50 Cent, Ca$his, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo [Eminem Presents: The Re-Up]
Enough holdin back the steam, Em, let off a magazine
2009-12-21 Eminem "Drop The Bomb On 'Em" [Relapse: Refill]
By sayin Shady was ghost, I ain't even close to the gate
2011-06-14 Bad Meets Evil "Fast Lane" feat. Sly Jordan [Hell: The Sequel]
Me and Shady deaded the past, so that basically resurrected my cash flow
2012-06 MC Lars "Flow Like Poe" [Edgar Allan Poe EP]
I've influenced Eminem with the horrorcore flavor so call me Jonathan Livingston
2012-08-19 Slaughterhouse & DJ Drama "Weight Scale" [On The House]
Hit my corner and listen to Eminem, Crook and Nickel

origin: Detroit, Michigan, USA