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2007-03-20 El-P "Tasmanian Pain Coaster" [I'll Sleep When You'Re Dead]
I swagger with rats tappin' the glass in a gov lab
2002-05-14 El-P "Dead Disnee" [Fantastic Damage]
The Epcot Center of the industry, snorting snow white
2002-05-14 El-P "Deep Space 9mm" [Fantastic Damage]
Under hellafied missle defense
2007-03-20 El-P "Tasmanian Pain Coaster" [I'll Sleep When You'Re Dead]
He pulled his hoody off his cabbage, rugged, practical
2002-05-14 El-P "Dead Disnee" [Fantastic Damage]
Frolic through the woods destitute and mad aggy
2001-05-15 Cannibal Ox "Ox Out The Cage" feat. El-P [The Cold Vein]
Enter a man saturated, don mega radio died, essential kid
2003-02-25 Murs "The Dance" feat. El-P [The End of The Beginning]
Kool-Aid in ya veins, so now you gotta change clothes
2003-06-03 Aceyalone "City of Shit" feat. El-P [Love & Hate]
Pop the peel, bug the fuck out, break the fuck out when I grab that steel
2000-04-11 Del the Funky Homosapien "Offspring" feat. El-P [Both Sides of The Brain]
Peel your cap, reveal your lack of flavor
2012-03-27 A-Trak "Piss Test (Remix)" feat. El-P, Flatbush Zombies, Jim Jones, Juicy J [Piss Test]
Sour diesel blowing
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2006-09-12 Pigeon John "One For The..." feat. Brother Ali [And The Summertime Pool Party]
Why you think El-P put his boys on wax?