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1998-08-11 E-40 "Flashin'" [The Element of Surprise]
I'm flashin, the elroy's pulled me over
1998-08-11 E-40 "One More Gen" [The Element of Surprise]
Giving myself up to the elroys
1999-11-09 E-40 "Fuckin' They Nose" feat. The Click [Charlie Hustle: Blueprint of A Self-Made Millionaire]
Shit, biatch, fuck, elroy's roughed me up
1999-11-09 E-40 "Ballaholic" [Charlie Hustle: Blueprint of A Self-Made Millionaire]
Elroy speak to me about my triple beam
2000-02-22 E-40 "I'm Straight" [3 Strikes Soundtrack]
Elroys ran up in my car
2003-07-01 E-40 "Show & Prove" feat. Goapele [Breakin News]
You knew me when me and my boys was D-boys, runnin from the Elroys
2006-03-14 E-40 "Do Ya Head Like This" [My Ghetto Report Card]
E'rry elroy in the town know my face
2010-03-30 E-40 "I'ma Teach Ya How To Sell Dope" [Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift]
You're backed up in a corner, and the po-po elroy question you
2003-07-01 E-40 "This Goes Out" feat. Turf Talk [Breakin News]
Flossin n flamboastin my diamonds
1998-08-11 E-40 "Trump Change" [The Element of Surprise]
Flamboast and brag, go on shoppin sprees, and act bad
1998-08-11 E-40 "To Da Beat" [The Element of Surprise]
Flamboastin, high-sidin, turnin heads, rewindin!
1999-11-09 E-40 "Fuckin' They Nose" feat. The Click [Charlie Hustle: Blueprint of A Self-Made Millionaire]
Flamboastin, straight out of Valle'
2000-10-10 E-40 "Flamboastin'" feat. Baby [Loyalty & Betrayal]
Straight flamboast, that's what we do
2003-07-01 E-40 "Gasoline" [Breakin News]
I'm close, I'm doing the most, I flamboast
2003-07-01 E-40 "Show & Prove" feat. Goapele [Breakin News]
Flamboastin and sidin and slidin candy toys
2003-07-01 E-40 "Wa La" feat. Mo Mo, The Mossie [Breakin News]
We flamboastin', wa la, lieutenant roastin', wa la
2006-03-14 E-40 "Block Boi" feat. Miko, Stressmatic [My Ghetto Report Card]
I'm in it to make the most, you in it to flamboast
2004-08-24 E-40 "Gas, Break, Dip" feat. The Federation [The Best of E-40]
My yaper is long and lanky like Predrag Stojaković
2004-08-24 E-40 "Bust Yo Shit" feat. B-Legit, Rankin Scroo [The Best of E-40]
Yaper or plastic, my back against the wall
2006-03-14 E-40 "Gouda" feat. B-Legit, Stressmatic [My Ghetto Report Card]
Gouda means cheese, and cheese means yaper, you squares
2006-03-14 E-40 "Sick Wid It II" feat. Turf Talk [My Ghetto Report Card]
Chalupas, revenues, yaper, thousand dollar stacks
2006-03-14 E-40 "They Might Be Taping" [My Ghetto Report Card]
Dig yaper, good money, cause that sucker shit ain't nutritious
2006-03-14 E-40 "Yay Area" [My Ghetto Report Card]
Spendin all yo' yaper
2010-03-30 E-40 "Rick Rock Horns" [Revenue Retrievin': Day Shift]
Started off in juvy, ended up in the penitentiary
2011-03-29 E-40 "My Lil Grimey Nigga" [Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift]
In and out of foster homes, ya, juvy, still ain't reformed
2003-07-01 Twiztid "Speculationz" feat. E-40 [The Green Book]
Get out my Kool-Aid
2012-10-09 Xzibit "Up Out The Way" feat. E-40 [Napalm]
Stackin' yaper like a Laker, hit exactly where it hurts
2009-03-31 UGK "Used To Be" feat. 8Ball & MJG, B-Legit, E-40 [UGK 4 Life]
Hundred packs stacked inside my Cadillac truck, mayne
2007-10-09 Daz Dillinger "Gettin' Money" feat. E-40, Kurupt [Gangsta Party]
2009-12-08 Gucci Mane "Kush Is My Cologne" feat. Bun B, Devin The Dude, E-40 [The State Vs. Radric Davis]
Baby wanna jump my bones, she got her 'fuck me' jeans on
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1995-11-07 The Click "Wolf Tickets" [Game Related]
40 cookin' cola, A1, ice cream
1995-11-07 The Click "Wolf Tickets" [Game Related]
40 cookin cola, a-1, ice cream
1997-07-08 Ant Banks "Can't Stop" feat. E-40, Mack 10 [Big Thangs]
From L.A. to the bay it's Mack 10 and E-40
1999-11-09 E-40 "Earl That's Yo' Life" feat. Too Short [Charlie Hustle: Blueprint of A Self-Made Millionaire]
You can't stop E-Feezy, beyatch
1999-11-09 E-40 "Ghetto Celebrity" feat. Suga T [Charlie Hustle: Blueprint of A Self-Made Millionaire]
40 in the kitchen cookin ice cream
2002-03-19 Ol' Dirty Bastard "Anybody" feat. C-Murder, E-40 [Trials & Tribulations of Russell Jones]
That boy spittin', what's his name? 40, quarter, biatch
2003-09-16 DMX "My Life" feat. Chinky [Grand Champ]
Earl Simmons, a.k.a. the dawg, gettin' down for real and goin hard