Dream Warriors
Dream Warriors

cited at 8 senses as a primary artist, including:

1996-10-25 Dream Warriors "The Master Plan" feat. Kandu [The Master Plan]
He rocked Timbos from his ankles to his big toes
1996-10-25 Dream Warriors "What Do You Want 'Ladies'" [The Master Plan]
Dial that 7 digits
1996-10-25 Dream Warriors "Float On" [The Master Plan]
On the d-low, my crew is the security
1991-04-23 Dream Warriors "Journey On" [And Now The Legacy Begins]
An S.O.S. for a new bag of sess
1994 Dream Warriors "California Dreamin'" [Subliminal Simulation]
Now people pull your card, you're livin' on the verge
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origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada