The Dream
The Dream
2010-12-07 T.I. "No Mercy" feat. The Dream [No Mercy]
Meanwhile, sellin' powder puts food in the bellies
2008-09-09 LL Cool J "Baby" feat. The Dream [Exit 13]
Met this lil' girl, she was off the hook
2011-08-08 Jay-Z & Kanye West "No Church In The Wild" feat. The Dream, Frank Ocean [Watch The Throne]
Last night was mad real
2009-07-28 Fabolous "Throw It In The Bag" feat. The Dream [Loso's Way]
Meet me at the register, I'm there on the regular
2009-04-21 Rick Ross "All I Really Want" feat. The Dream [Deeper Than Rap]
Long money, but he got a quick fuse
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