Dr. Dooom
Dr. Dooom
a.k.a. Dr. OctagonKool Keith

cited at 25 senses as a primary artist, including:

2008-09-23 Dr. Dooom "That Girl Is A Monster" [Dr. Dooom 2]
Nail a b-boy stance in the woods like I'm on forty-deuce
2008-09-23 Dr. Dooom "How Sexy" feat. Denis Deft [Dr. Dooom 2]
I got in the cab, a cockblocker tryin to sell some mixtapes
2008-09-23 Dr. Dooom "Do Not Disturb" [Dr. Dooom 2]
Woman think I'm bugged-out, but the Louis V notepad make you sweat me
1999-04-27 Dr. Dooom "I Run Rap" [First Come, First Served]
Some serious stretch marks, cock-diesel MCs end up pregnant
1999-04-27 Dr. Dooom "Housing Authority" feat. Motion Man [First Come, First Served]
Mystery Machine sittin lowered with Trues and Vogues
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