Dougie D
Dougie D

cited at 17 senses as a primary artist, including:

2004 Dougie D "Late Night" feat. Russell Lee [Grown Man Shit]
I blow up on dro with red hair cess
2004 Dougie D "P.I.M.P." feat. Tony Montana [Grown Man Shit]
They all be knowing my name, but they call me papi chulo
2004 Dougie D "P.I.M.P." feat. Tony Montana [Grown Man Shit]
Crazy Cubano a.k.a. the fucking cock blocker
2004 Dougie D "Talk About Dougie" [Grown Man Shit]
Thug fizzle, fa shizzle, my nizzle, I grind on my groove
2006-07-21 Dougie D "Wiggle 4 Me" feat. Kendro [Go Hard Or Go Home]
Ain't nobody here gon' deny mama, true that
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2003-09-09 Trae "How Could You" feat. Dougie D, Z-Ro [Losing Composure]
The root of evil kept gorillas living like we was blind
2004-03-18 S.L.A.B. "What I Represent" feat. Archie Lee, Dougie D, Lil B, Lil' C, Rick D, Trae Tha Truth, Z-Ro [Slow Loud and Bangin’, Vol. 4]
I'm one deep, so I got enough room for the bops
2002-07-29 Big Mello "Kmj Killas" feat. Cl'Che, Dougie D, Trae [The Gift]
By any means we going hard for the green
2003-09-09 Trae "Strugglin" feat. Dougie D, Shyna [Losing Composure]
I know I can't stop, for my brother on lock
2002-12-17 Z-Ro "Lost Another Soldier (Tribute To Big Mello)" feat. Cl'Che, Dougie D, Tony Montana, Trae [Life]
Paranoid of my people, I tote my chrome
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2 shout-outs in these lyrics

2000-10-10 Guerilla Maab "Shorty Bounce It" [In The Mist of Guerillas]
Trae and Dougie D is playa made for life
2002-11-05 Guerilla Maab "Neva Gon Change" [Year of The Underdawgs]
They be living shife; see, me and Doug ain't changed

origin: Houston, Texas, USA