Doap Nixon
Doap Nixon

cited at 27 senses as a primary artist, including:

2008-07-18 Doap Nixon "Behind The Music" [Sour Diesel]
I'm laughin' at these jawns, pourin' champagne on 'em
2008-07-18 Doap Nixon "The Wait Is Over" feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz [Sour Diesel]
Stick knock like a pregnant jawn
2008-07-18 Doap Nixon "Just Venting" [Sour Diesel]
So hurry up and pay homage, I spray llamas
2011-02-28 Doap Nixon "Burnt Offering" [Gray Poupon]
So from now on the snubs is tucked
2011-02-28 Doap Nixon "Burnt Offering" [Gray Poupon]
It's nickel bag, the flow is poppin
2008-07-18 Doap Nixon "Get Dirty" feat. Demoz, Reef The Lost Cauze [Sour Diesel]
Sour diesel, where the weed at?
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2000-10-17 Vinnie Paz "Language Is Fatal" feat. Doap Nixon, Jus Allah, Planet [Raw Is War]
Stoupe on the track, you nahmsayin? We bodyin motherfuckers
2008-09-30 Outerspace "Quick Draw" feat. Doap Nixon, Lawrence Arnell [God's Fury]
King Kong ain't got shit on me, ya heard!

origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA