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1998-12-15 DMX "Dogs For Life" [Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood]
The camp is strong, and the stamp is strong, Double R
1998-12-15 DMX "We Don't Give A Fuck" feat. Jadakiss, Styles [Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood]
Double-R, and I ain't here to start trouble, god
1999-12-21 DMX "Party Up" [...And Then There Was X]
Double R keep it comin, ain't nuttin, y'all
2003-09-16 DMX "We Go Hard" feat. Cam'Ron [Grand Champ]
We rollin double hard, yeah, nigga, double R
2003-09-16 DMX "Untouchable" feat. Drag-On, Infa-Red, Sheek Louch, Syleena Johnson [Grand Champ]
Hang the double R chain from the side of the car
2006-07-31 DMX "It's Personal" feat. Jadakiss, Styles P [Year of The Dog... Again]
This is a movement, double R, nigga, you know what's up
2011-11-21 DMX "World's Greatest" feat. Drag-On, The LOX, Mook, Swizz Beatz [Ruff Ryders: Past, Present, Future]
Next generation of the double R, lights up
2012-09-11 DMX "I'm Back" [Undisputed]
Double R for life, we mob niggaz
2001-10-23 DMX "Usual Suspects (Part 2)" feat. Big Stan, Mic Geronimo [The Great Depression]
White wraps for these niggaz who scrap and gun clap
1998-05-12 DMX "Intro" [It's Dark & Hell Is Hot]
Hittin niggaz with gashes to the head, straight to the white meat, but the street stay red
1999-12-21 DMX "Comin' For Ya" [...And Then There Was X]
Another nigga split, there go white meat
2001-03-20 DMX "No Sunshine" [Exit Wounds Soundtrack]
When it comes to that flow, I gets busy
2003-05-12 DMX "X Gonna Give It To Ya" [X Gonna Give It To Ya]
2012-09-11 DMX "What They Don't Know" [Undisputed]
C'mon, y'all niggaz is assed out, son
1998-08-11 Funkmaster Flex "Dmx Freestyle" feat. DMX [The Mix Tape, Vol. III]
I let off a couple of rounds from the big three pound seven
2003-03-25 The Diplomats "What's Really Good" feat. DMX [Diplomatic Immunity]
Squally, so throw your set up please
2003-03-25 The Diplomats "What's Really Good" feat. DMX [Diplomatic Immunity]
145th on this crunk, big 45th in my trunk
1995-11-28 Mic Geronimo "Time To Build" feat. DMX, Ja Rule, Jay-Z [The Natural]
Niggas get 5,000, shit is rough
2003-03-25 The Diplomats "What's Really Good" feat. DMX [Diplomatic Immunity]
Big Deserts we grippin'
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1997 Ice Cube "We Be Clubbin' (Clark World Remix)" feat. DMX [We Be Clubbin']
Ice Cube the Don Mega with my nigga, DMX
1998-01-13 The LOX "Money, Power & Respect" feat. DMX, Lil' Kim [Money, Power & Respect]
DMX represent for one time
2012-05-15 DMX "Shit Don't Change" feat. Snoop Dogg [The Weigh In]
Fuck what you heard, baby, X go hard
2012-09-11 DMX "I Don't Dance" feat. Machine Gun Kelly [Undisputed]
Y'all niggas whisper, "X is a crackhead"
2016-05-13 ScHoolboy Q "THat Part (Black Hippy Remix)" feat. Black Hippy [THat Part (Black Hippy Remix)]
We thuggin' like DMX, bleed shit, PMS