DJ Muggs
DJ Muggs
member of: Cypress Hill

cited at 12 senses as a primary artist, including:

1997-03-04 DJ Muggs "It Could Happen To You" feat. Mobb Deep [The Soul Assassins]
Trife life got my mind keyed up
1997-03-04 DJ Muggs "Decisions, Decisions" feat. Goodie Mob [Soul Assassins]
Women puttin theyself in positions to get cut up
1997-03-04 DJ Muggs "Life Is Tragic" feat. Infamous Mobb [The Soul Assassins]
Infamously rep the QBC
1997-03-04 DJ Muggs "Move Ahead" feat. KRS-One [The Soul Assassins]
You talk more ish than a cellular
1997-03-04 DJ Muggs "Heavy Weights" feat. MC Eiht [The Soul Assassins]
We's pimp niggas, we make the paper on the regular
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1998-12-15 DJ Clue "Cops & Robbers" feat. DJ Muggs, Lord Tariq [The Professional]
Blue Mercedes, three pound's under the blue avy

origin: Los Angeles, California, USA